About D'Gala

God first!

  In honor of my mother Francisca Compres, I have decided to open D' gala Beauty Supply. My Mother was the owner of D' gala Beauty Salon in New York City for more than 30 years. She began the business with little to nothing, while having 3 beautiful daughters as I am the youngest. Every day after school I would sit and watch as her clients came in, shared their lives and left feeling Confident and Beautiful. They trusted her and knew that no matter what happened in their lives they were walking out feeling brand new. 

   The most powerful being in the world is a confident woman. D' gala beauty supply is a company that believes you can be yourself or you can have an alter ego.  In dedication to my mother, my sisters, my best friend and my beautiful daughter Mia. Beauty is Femininity, Confidence and self-love. Forever + ever.