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Silk Wig Cap Colors

Silk Wig Cap Colors

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Introducing our Silk Wig Cap, the perfect accessory for wig-wearers. Crafted with luxurious silk, it provides a soft & gentle foundation for your hair & scalp. Its smooth texture minimizes friction, preventing hair breakage & damage.

Lightweight & breathable, it keeps your scalp cool & comfortable. It absorbs excess moisture & fits securely, ensuring a smooth, natural look.

Suitable for all hair types and lengths, it can be worn alone or under a wig. Its nude shade blends seamlessly with most skin tones.

Easy to clean & maintain with a gentle detergent.

Experience the ultimate comfort and protection with our Silk Wig Cap 


Product information:

Material: Card Silk/
Specification: 2 pcs per pack
Color: black, dark brown, light brown, skin tone, beige

Packing list: 


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